The Slump: Like Watching Paint Dry

As I’m sure our readership of two is aware, the Glanzmann Group Blog underwent a slight hiatus over the past few months. Not on account of a lack of desire to post, but rather thanks to a sense of stagnation and stifled progress. As much as we tried to think big picture and “respect the process”, the lack of physical changes on site dried up much of the excitement we felt.  And while we had heard that construction always takes more time than expected and can prove rather lackluster, delays thanks to weeks of rain, unexpected structural issues, prolonged electrical installation and a shortage of construction workers in LA,  messed with our mojo. Our ‘slump’ felt very much like we were watching paint dry... for weeks on end.

This slump is part and parcel of the development process. With plans drawn up, designs done and fixtures and finishes chosen, the unseen changes that happen in, above and under the walls and floors- ducting, plumbing, electrical, etc- take their bitter time. Admittedly, seeing the addition of one or two wires sticking out of the walls over two weeks does little to set the heart aflutter - we are hungry for visible changes that indicate bounds and leaps of progress. The fact that you need to finish the electrical, the HVAC, and the plumbing before you move into shear-walling, drywallingand throwing primer on the wallis difficult to swallow when you are eager to see your design manifested in its full glory. Coupled with the mandated inspections for each of these (shear-wall, electrical, plumbing, and a seemingly endless list of others), it can feel like time grinds to a complete halt. So much time waiting for things to move again lends itself to a dangerous timeframe in which you have time to doubt every single choice you have made: was the faucet we choose a good fit? will the extra money we spent on a quartz backsplash pay off? was full AC throughout really necessary? was buying this house even a good idea to begin with?

And then it happens. Things starts moving again - wooden floors are installed, the bare bones of cabinetry appear on site, and bathroom tiles are finally thrown up and grouted. With progress underway and your vision manifesting again, the slump is replaced with a newfound terror of seeing whether or not your selections and design decisions were actually good ones. Only time will tell, but at the moment Glanzmann Group is feeling inspired and eagerly biting our nails to finish house number 1. Stay tuned for progress pictures and more blog posts as everything finally pulls together.

 And if you are developing your own project and feeling like you’re watching paint dry at a ridiculously slow pace- you are not alone. Rest assured that slumping is all a part of the game... Or so we’ll assume to feel like we’re right on track...