Welcome to Westchester

With the official acquisition of Glanzmann Group’s second property in the neighborhood, it seems important to revisit why we decided to invest our hopes and dreams in Westchester. Located a mere ten minutes from the airport and lined with small 1940’s homes, the neighborhood doesn’t necessarily seem to scream sex-appeal. Upon closer inspection however, you’ll find a cozy and incredibly peaceful neighborhood thriving and on the rise. Sexy indeed. 

There are many things that make Westchester a desirable place to call home: a great school system, an effective neighborhood-watch program, a sense of quiet foreign to much of Los Angeles, negligible HOA fees of approximately 12$ a year,  and its location on the Westside - a short car ride from the beach in Playa Del Rey, Venice and Playa Vista. And unlike in its neighbors, you don’t need to sell a kidney to purchase a single-family home with a yard here. In Westchester, you get far more bang for your buck than in Venice for example, where space remains a luxury and safety is far from guaranteed. And unlike in Playa Vista, you’re not subject to costly HOA fees for the upkeep of it’s many new amenities. In fact, according to Area Vibes, Westchester ranks #7 for livability in LA. 

With the relocation of tech giants like Yahoo, Google and Snap Chat to Silicon Beach, the surrounding areas are thriving, drawing in new businesses, shops and restaurants and inspiring a general clean-up of the area. Westchester is riding this wave, expecting more interest to come to its real-estate market as the companies grow and others looking for an alternative to Silicon Valley set there gaze on Sunny LA. In the last year alone, it’s estimated that the average price of the house sold has increased by 11.4 percent - a number that is expected to continue to rise. (Don’t believe me, check out the numbers provided below). 

Developers are highly aware of this fact and eagerly eyeing the tired 1940’s homes in need of a facelift … For us, this unfortunately meant coming up against 15 other offers for our second house. For buyers looking to buy a turn-key ready home however, this means they’ll have plenty of gorgeous homes to choose from - homes whose values are sure to continue to soar or in the very least remain stable. 

Feeling ready to relocate yet?